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Everything You Need to Know About Wood Flooring

Got a new house and thinking of making it look like a home? Or thinking of renovating your home?

In either way you need everything which looks good in the home like; decoration, curtains, bed, kitchen supplies and then comes the hard part renewing the floor.

The most vexing work when fixing a home. But what needs to be done, needs to be done in one way or the other. Buying other things like bed, curtains or paint for home, that’s easy, just sit or jump on one bed and you will get an idea which one is durable.

And for the curtains, you just need to feel the fabric and match them with the paint you choose. But what most people can’t guess is what type of wood flooring they should by. Because calculating square per inch and other babble leaves people muddled. But this piece of writing will help you out.

Now the first thing is that when you go out to hunt for the best wood floors you need to understand that there are two types of it; sheet flooring which has a simple design but they are water-resistant.

Types of Wooden Flooring

They come in a tile size of 12 to 9 square inches. And the second is the Luxury wood floor; it comes in 48 to 7 square inches and they look like stones or wood. The first type is cheap to buy and it doesn’t cost much labor work and the second is expensive and requires a lot of care and once a week maintenance.

Types of Finishing

Next, you should be aware that there are 3 types of finishing for each type of wood flooring.

  1. First is the Urethane finish, this finishing gives more durability. This durability results in good foot traffic and it will also become easy to clean and will become extra resident to scuffing too.

  2. The second finish is about wood no-wax finish; it is cheap and if you have fewer people coming to your home then you must go for this one.

  3. And the last is enhanced urethane finish; this is the toughest finish you will get. And if you have a lot of people coming to your home daily this is the kind of finish you will need. It will become fully resistant to stains, marks or scratches and it doesn’t need weekly maintenance.

Installation Processes

Now, since you are near to understand all of it. This stage is about installation. You can see many videos on YouTube on ‘How to install the wood floor?’. Some wood flooring requires glue and nails and it will be very hard work plus it will take a lot of time.

While some just some with peel off stickers. All you have to do it get it, get it home, peel the sticker off and place straight on the floor and walk on it steadily. This kind of floorings can be applied to hardwood, concrete, and plywood. And if you don’t want to remove the previous wood, just place the new sheet on the previous one.


Last, you need to understand the cost of all these.

Normal: A simple floor can cost up to $3 to $15 per square foot.

Expensive: Luxury wood can cost up to $4 to $16 per square foot.

So, don’t let anyone tell you or fool you in extra money. Just read this article twice and you are good to go! Happy flooring to you!

How to Protect it?

The thing about flooring is that they need to be very durable and the most thing that affects its durability is that if they are exposed to a lot of heat and humidity, they swell and it starts to have cracks in it.

Take this for an example, if spill juice or water or any liquid for that matter on the floor and don’t clean it on time, it will start to rot and there can be fungus and even moss which produces thousands of bacteria in the air. And you should know that this type of fungus and moss spreads on the whole floor. And you will have to change the whole floor eventually.

And Let’ say that you are in a country or city like Jacksonville which is very hot almost all year, and heat makes the wooden floor crack and swells out. So, you will need a kind of wood flooring in Jacksonville fl or hardwood flooring in Jacksonville fl, which uses different materials of wood to make sure that they bear the heat.

If you want to protect your wooden floor then you can use different types of lamination as well. Yes, you read that right, now you can cover your floor as well to make them long-last.

Advance ways to protect wooden floors

This lamination is good if you have kids or pets inside your home, so, even if they bring in the dirt with them or spill things, do their business or even mess around. You won’t have to clean for hours, you just need to clean with a wet cloth. It will be like cleaning from a plastic sheet.

You must be wondering what it would be very irritating to walk on such a laminated floor. But the fact is that when you ask the experts to put the lamination on the floor you won’t even feel that you are walking on plastic.

It will be smooth and the layer will be so thin that you will feel the wood under your feet. You can laminate it by yourself, but if there are any bubbles left while laminating it, it can be quite irritating, tiring and frustrating to get a nice and clean touch.

So, you will need to call the suppliers, we will continue with the above example. You will need to call for the company for hardwood floor installation in Jacksonville and they will have the right machinery and experience to get you the best laminate wood flooring in Jacksonville as well. Just remember that some suppliers can charge extra for the lamination and the installation.

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