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Ceramic tiles are attractive, inexpensive, and durable. Even better, they are fairly easy for DIYers to install. 

Once installed, the ceramic tiles usually last for between four and five years. Around that time, you can apply a sealant. Day-to-day maintenance of ceramic flooring is easy.

Ceramic tiles are stain-resistant. The protective surface layer makes ceramic tile flooring suitable for all areas of your home, including rooms prone to moisture and water, like your bathroom and kitchen.

If you are installing your ceramic flooring yourself, carefully plan your strategy to save time and unnecessary headaches. Keep the following pointers in mind and your flooring installation will be easy.

Avoid These 4 Common Pitfalls to Install Your Flooring Like the Pros

These are important points to remember when installing ceramic tiles:

1. Don’t Forget to Make Sure Your Floor Is Level.

You will have endless problems if you try to install ceramic tile on an uneven floor. Planning in advance will save you hours of time trying to correct this mistake. 

2. Do You Need to Waterproof Your Ceramic Flooring?

Ceramic tile flooring withstands humidity and moisture well, but if you know your tile will be exposed to a lot of water, you need to apply some type of waterproofing. 

Again, planning in advance will prevent problems. You can protect certain areas of tile flooring, such as the edges of the bathtub or shower, from excess water exposure by applying a line of silicone.

3. Lay Out Your Ceramic Tiles in Advance

Carefully lay out your ceramic flooring in advance so you can plan your rows. This not only makes your finished flooring look more professional; it allows you to avoid ending rows with thin tiles.

4. Check and Double Check Tile Alignment

Don’t forget to take the time to double check alignment. This may seem like an intuitive step, but failure to carefully check that your tiles are aligned can ruin the appearance of your flooring. It is a common error.

Additional Ceramic Tile Flooring Tips for Your Home

If you are installing your flooring in a bathroom or a kitchen, take some time to plan out exactly where you will place the tiles. If you have cabinets you will probably want to install the tiles underneath. This way, if you ever need to replace the cabinets, the floor will be complete underneath.

Another pro tip is to learn and practice how to cut the tile before starting your installation project. There is a little bit of a learning curve and some equipment necessary to cut tile.

Almost all ceramic tile flooring mistakes are caused by failure to plan in advance of starting your flooring project. Keep the above tips in mind and you will have your new floor installed and ready to admire in no time.

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